Daniela Fischer is a pioneer in mixing live performance with real time input from the world around her. No two compositions are ever the same. Her inspiration comes from the natural world and the environment she finds herself in, often including feedback from her own audience.


Having studied classical violin and composition she then explored important folk genres such as Balkan, Klezmer, Flamenco and Jazz. This combining of knowledge is what allows her to create unique Soundspaces that capture a moment in time and reflect the world around us.

Her work reflects this broad approach.


Her exciting new approach to composition is increasingly in demand for film and documentary, where fresh ideas and a more natural rhythm are needed.


Daniela describes it like this:

“I create compositions to dive into and dream away. Performances are soundtracks of the moment, coming out as a live composition while I feel the audience.The listeners are travelling into themselves, dreamlike.”


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